Sunday, July 24, 2011

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One of the Safest & Cheapest Ways to Decrease Health Risks

I just finished reading what would be a snoozefest, for anybody but
a physician. It came from the Journal of the American College of
Cardiology, published in August of this year, which reviews data
from a broad range of studies of tens of thousands of patients.

I won't bore you with the data, which I admit is hard, even for me
to slog through. But the conclusions are important. According to
Carl Lavie, M.D., F.A.C.C., Medical Director of Cardiac
Rehailitation and Prevention, Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans,
LA, and lead author of the article, "This isn't just hype, we now
have tremendous and compelling evidence from very large studies,
some dating back 20 and 30 years, that demonstrate the protective
benefits of omega 3 fish oil, in multiple aspects of preventive
cardiology. The strongest evidence of a cardioprotective effect of
omega 3's appears in patients with established cardiovascular
disease and following a heart attack, with up to a 30 per cent
reduction in a CV related death."

Translated, that means that if you have heart disease, it is even
more important to take omega 3's than if you don't.

Dietary fish oil can also decrease the risk of atherosclerosis,
arrhythmias, heart attack, sudden cardiac death, and even heart

According to Dr. Lavie, EPA and DHA work by getting into the
membranes of cells and, in doing so, may help to improve the heart's
electrical activity, vascular tone, plaque stabilization and blood
pressure, among other benefits.

The human body doesn't produce its own essential fatty acids, so you
have to get them from food, or from taking a fish oil supplement
(that's why they're called "essential"). It isn't easy to get what
you need from food and it can also be very expensive, since you have
to be extremely particular about where the food comes from. One of
those sources, wild salmon, is $22 a pound and not readily

Other fish oils on the market are "food grade," and carry risks
that are unacceptable (like potential toxic heavy metal and
pesticide contamination). That's why I developed a "pharmaceutical
grade" product, assayed by an independent third party for purity:

And I've made it easy for you. You don't have to traipse all over,
wasting precious time, looking for pristine food products. Just take
two softgels in the morning and two at night.

I'll be back tomorrow with more.

With my best wishes for your optimum health,

Dr. Bill

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