Saturday, July 30, 2011

Burn Fat Faster

Here are some simple suggestions to help you burn fat faster.

1. Avoid starchy foods and CUT OUT sugar….sugar is the killer when it comes to losing fat - sorry. Disappoints me too. :)
2. Strength training does not mean lifting weights like a body builder. Set up your workouts so you are training with 5-6 exercises that will work your WHOLE body.

3. Use Kettlebells of course!  Kettlebells are one of the best ways to burn fat because they train every muscle in the body. They are also dynamic in nature and force you to engage your core, legs and hips. All of these factors together burn a ton of calories, plus don't forget the afterburn (how long your body stays at a higher metabolic rate) as this is where you burn the most FAT.

3. Train with heavy weights. Heavier lifting increases the amount of calories burned and the number of muscle fibers needed.
4. Focus on metabolic conditioning - not long boring cardio. Like sprinting, bike sprints, (Tabatas!) or performing explosive movements back to back - such as jump squats, push ups, v ups and swings.

There you have it. See you next time in class. :)

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