Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Power of Yoga and Kettlebells

Couldn't have said it better myself!

The Synergistic Power of Yoga and Kettlebells

By Abby Corriveau, RYT, RKC

Walking the line between flexibility and strength is an area of exploration and constant challenge.
Yoga alone, as you may know, is very beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. Every time you step onto your mat you open yourself to a new experience; a new opportunity to grow. Many perceive yoga as a way to stretch the body and gain flexibility while relieving stress, yet they do not realize that strength is also a major component of yoga. Attempting arm balances and inversions can sometimes become quite a challenge due to lack of upper body strength and, therefore, limits us from being able to embrace these poses. Women especially tend to be weaker in the upper body and therefore perceive poses such as chaturanga or headstands to be simply impossible and incredibly frustrating. Over time, with patience and mindfulness, these poses can be achieved. However, with the aid of proper kettlebell training, these poses can be strengthened and achieved more efficiently. Kettlebell training and yoga are both wonderful ways to help align, balance, strengthen, and power the body and together they will help create a physique that is healthy, strong, and very capable.
A Kettlebell is a primitive tool that originates from Russia. Thanks to Pavel Tsatsouline, a former trainer of Russian Spetsnaz, Americans are learning about this intelligent and unorthodox method of weight training. Kettlebells have been engineered to help build lean muscle without sacrificing full range of motion, flexibility and mobility. As a matter of fact, kettlebells enhance all of these capabilities. Like a yoga pose, a kettlebell exercise requires rooting from your feet up and linkage throughout the entire body.
Kettlebell training is very therapeutic to the joints and an ideal method to help with arthritis and other joint conditions, especially because there is no impact associated with the core kettlebell drills. With proper technique one can easily harness a very lean, athletic, capable, and functional body as well as enhance any yoga practice.
Yoga and kettlebells are similiar because every time you pick up your bell, you welcome a new experience and challenge to your body, mind, and soul. In order to train with kettlebells, a person must be very present and focused on their training; you cannot zone out like you could while on a treadmill or pressing weight on a machine. Your entire body is engaged and challenged. Both yoga and kettlebells encourage core strength, proper spinal alignment, and awareness of breath.
Complementing your yoga practice by training with kettlebells will significantly improve your arm balances, inversions, and more without limiting your range of motion or feeling bulky and tight. Having fun exploring different ways to challenge and move the body will open you to new experiences and learn about yourself and your capabilities. Playing between the “hard and soft” of flexibility and strength is an area that will help you feel balanced from the inside out.

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