Sunday, May 15, 2011

There are 7 real benefits to exercise

Check 'em out!

1)  Exercise helps your body function efficiently. It improves the
tone and quality of muscle tissue and stimulates the processes of
digestion, absorption, metabolism, and elimination. It also helps
you develop physical grace, poise, balance and symmetry, and aids
in the correction of posture and the healing of injuries.

2)  Exercise improves your cardiovascular fitness. Exercise
strengthens the blood vessels, the lungs and the heart, improving
the transfer of oxygen to the cells and increasing the circulation
of the lymphatic system.

3)  Exercise increases metabolism. Regular exercise will
exponentially improve your ability to effectively utilize calories,
reduce fat, and build muscle.

4)  Exercise helps manage your mood: it releases endorphins,
chemicals in your brain that elevate mood. Regular exercise will
also increase self esteem, and improve your mental outlook.

5)  Exercise helps to relieve stress. It's a powerful tool for
releasing tension, and combating stress. Any kind of exercise takes
the edge off physical, mental, and emotional tension.

6)  Exercise helps you avoid, or decrease muscle atrophy and
osteoporosis. Most people think that muscle loss and loss of bone
density are inevitable with age. This isn't true. Strength training
will reverse the effects of muscle loss, and keep bones strong.

7)  Exercise burns calories. Regular exercise, as little as 4 times
a week for just 45 minutes, can provide you with enough caloric
utilization for immediate fat loss and it keeps your metabolism
revved up for the next 24 hours, or more, so you continue to lose,
even at rest.

Exercise also increases insulin sensitivity, lowers total
cholesterol, raises HDL (good) cholesterol, decreases your risks
for many types of cancer, and decreases blood pressure.

And, lets admit it,  it also makes you look better!

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