Monday, May 9, 2011

How To Double Your Weight Loss

A recent study by Kaiser Permanente Care Management

Institute's Weight Management Initiative, done on 1500

people who are overweight and/or obese has come up with

some very surprising results.

All of the folks studied lost weight on the program, which consisted

of a low fat diet, and thirty minutes of moderate exercise per day.

The diet included generous amounts of fruits and vegetables.

But here is the big news.

The people being studied were give the option of keeping a journal,

or not.

Two thirds, or 990 of the folks being studied opted not to keep a

journal. One third, or 510 people opted to keep a journal.

The results?

The 510 people who kept journal lost twice as much weight!

The study concluded that the journals prevented mindless eating and

snacking, which can ruin any weight loss plan. Those who journaled

also were better at tracking portion sizes, and recognized their own

bad habits.

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