Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Body

Your body looks like it does because of 3 major factors, and in this order:

1. Your diet
2. Your genetics
3. Your workouts

Your diet is by far the biggest contributor to what your physique looks like.
The easiest way to change your body and lose weight is by diet.
 Easier said than done in our society, but it is true.

You cannot change your genetics, some things we are just born with.
 So if you are tall, short, big boned, petite, bow legged, broad shoulders, etc, well no diet or exercise program can change that.
Learn to love those things about yourself you cannot change.

Your workouts also affect the way you look.
Even with a perfect diet you will not have toned abs or bulging biceps without working your muscles.
Though exercise does not do as much to help you lose weight as you might think, it is great at helping you keep weight off, toning the body, increasing strength, improving sleep and self-confidence.
And to me working out is fun. Dieting is not. :)

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