Monday, April 4, 2011

The 4 Hour Body and Some New BW Exercises

Has anyone else heard of this? I have not read this book, but it is certainly intriguing! I think I just might have to buy it. :)

On another note, here are some great exercises for you to try at home. These are not typical exercises I do in class, but a lot of people might go running out the door. LOL.

Handstand pushups - if you are not comfortable doing a handstand, just practicing that alone is a great workout. You can also put your feet on a table, step, couch, etc, so you are elevated and practice modified hspu's that way. They are a GREAT upper body strengthener.

Pistols - 1 legged squat. These are a killer. I can go all the way down, but can only come back up assisted. You can try these by holding onto a chair on your left or right side, and going down as far as you can, and then again using the chair for assistance on the way up. These are a GREAT lower body and core strengthener.

Try it! Don't be one of those - I can't do that. Of course you can. We all have to start somewhere. Throwing in hard core exercises like this is what really helps to change you body and your level of strength.

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