Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is it UNSAFE to Squat Below Parallel?

Squatting is an essential movement that we all must master. There isn't a single day of your life where squatting isn't performed. Answer the following questions:

- Do you go to the bathroom every day?

- Do you sit in transportation every day?

- Do you sit at a desk every day?

- Do you sit to eat?

- Do you pick things up off the floor?

The answer to these questions is obvious. We are ALREADY squatting. The question is HOW are we squatting and is the WAY we are squatting making us better or worse?

A common MYTH in this country is that it is UNSAFE to squat below parallel. That basically means that your hips shouldn't drop below the level of your knees.  In fact,  it's rather absurd considering the FACT that people have been squatting all the way to the floor since the history of man began.
Squatting Develops phenomenal Leg and GLUTE STRENGTH for all athletic movements.Have you ever been to a third world country and noticed how young, middle aged and old people sit in a squat position to eat, rest and to socialize? Those people don't seem to suffer from the nagging HIP, LOW BACK and KNEE disorders that we do in this country.

- Start the squat by pushing the hips BACK and by PUSHING THE KNEES APART
- ESTABLISH a great foundation and BASE of support by keeping feet straight ahead

- KEEP ALL TOES (Especially the BIG TOE) on the ground at all times

We'll be doing these in class soon enough!

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