Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Artificial Sweetners

There are some things to keep in mind with artificial sweetners.

According to studies, all sweetners, except sucralose "Splenda" affect blood sugar levels the same as natural sugar. Sucralose is a chemical that the body actually doesn't recognize, so it passes it straight through without processing it, and it doesn't spike blood sugar levels....BUT the kicker for all sweetners is this.... when you consume them, your tastebuds signal your brain that sugar is coming, insulin is released, but because the sugar never actually enters the body, your system keeps "searching" for it, causing sugar cravings.

That's why sugar-free and low-fat meals and products have a huge part to play in folks gaining weight. Another nasty side effect is that some sweeteners act as a laxitive (ie.sorbitol) so if you get a bag of sugar-free chocolates to enjoy, I would skip it, as it will send you running to the bathroom.

Though we want to limit sugar intake, sometimes going with the real thing is best. Enjoy some dark chocolate, a bit of real ice cream, honey to sweeten your tea, and perhaps leave out the artificial stuff.

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