Friday, January 21, 2011

Yoga Videos

So -  I mentioned before that a good way to incorporate yoga into your workouts is to include it as your warm up and cool down. Of course - you can do power yoga as your whole workout. I often do and love it. It really opens the body up, prevents injury, builds significant upper body strength as well as core and hip strength.

If you go to youtube and type in Tara Stiles yoga - she has some great videos. Most of them on there are 8 min or under, and she has some really challenging routines and some easier and relaxing ones. Just an easy and free way to get some yoga into your life.

And I have my own audio files for download too. These classes are $5 and are 75 minutes long.

With this weather I am dying to get to a hot yoga class myself! Since baby Bria is only 2 weeks old, I am still not allowed to exercise - yet. But feeling stronger every day.

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