Saturday, January 22, 2011

One of my favorite workouts

This workout has some Yoga, Bodyweight and Kettlebell exercises. I listed the advanced version and have also listed alternatives. Love the intensity of this workout and every muscle in the body is used.

Start with 10 min of a yoga warm up. I typically do a few Sun A's, And Sun B's and practice and arm balance.

Then do these exercises:

10 burpee-pull ups (include the push up)

10 jump squats

20 swings

5 handstand push ups

5 pike push ups

5 pistols right and left

5 snatches right and left

Do 4 round with 1 min rest between rounds.

End with 10 min of yoga. I typically do some backbends, and then stretch my hamstrings and hips.


The burpee-pullups requires you to have some sort of pull up equipment, so if you do not, do a row instead. For instance, squat down, jump back into push up position, do a push up, jump forward, and then either do a row, or jump up, grab the pull up bar and jump into a pull up.

If you are not a jumper do speed squats instead of jump squats.

For the handstand push ups, well it requires you to know how to do a handstand! If you are not into that, do 10 pike push ups instead, even elevated pike push ups would work better (feet up on a step or bench).

Pistols are a one legged squat. I can go down, but need to get back up assisted. You can simply squat down as far as you can, sit onto a bench/table/etc, or use a doorknob to hold onto to lower and stand back up.

Good luck! Let me know if you try it. :)

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