Sunday, December 19, 2010

Power Yoga Challenge

I know some of you take my Power Yoga Classes and have been religious about coming! I love that. Power Yoga does more good for your body than most people know.
Some of you have gotten just a little taste of yoga from the Kettle-yoga class I teach.
If you have not tried any yoga or only a little, I seriously encourage you to make a New Years Resolution and try a power class.
Now, I get a lot of - yoga is not a real workout. WHAT?!
So if you are one of those, I have some pictures to show you and want to share some thoughts.
Below are some basic yoga poses (ok, so there are 2 fancy ones - an arm balance and a forearm balance to show you where you can go), but the others are fairly basic.
Try them at home, and try to breathe deeply in each one for 30-60 seconds. I bet it is MUCH more challenging than you thought it was going to be! I know many of you can run for miles, swing a heavy kettlebell, but cannot hold a lunge or a plank for 30 seconds.
Yoga challenges your body in a whole different way. Your muscles and your stamina are challenged in ways like no other. Not to mention it just makes you feel terrific. It also gives you such a sense of body awareness that the rest of your workouts or daily activities are done with far more ease.
Want a new body for the new year? Keep up your hard work, clean up your diet, and try some yoga!
Check out these pics and give 'em a try. Let me know what you think.

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