Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inspire Others To Be Fit!

Inspire others to become fit!

It is always my hope that in my classes and from this blog that I motivate people to get truly fit.
I love what I do and I hope my enthusiasm is contagious.
Hopefully you can inspire others to become fit too.
Especially if they see those changes in your body!

Now it seems as if I have inspired at least one other to exercise.
See the pics of my nearly 3 year old attempting a headstand, and 'doing curls.'
I love it! With kids being overweight and out of shape in record numbers I guess I am pretty happy about inspiring this kid.

I am working on my goals for the new year after I give birth to my second child, and I want to be able to do 100 snatches in 5 minutes (12kg Kettlebell), complete the Cross Fit Filthy Fifty, and be able to hold and headstand for over a minute.
So one Kettlebell goal, one Cross Fit goal, and one yoga goal.

Goals can be very inspiring, and writing them down makes them real.
So at least inspire yourself!
What is it you want to accomplish?
I highly recommend you bring a notebook to my classes and keep records of your workouts so can improve upon them each time.

For instance, when we work on swings for 30 seconds, see if you can use a heavier bell, or perform more swings that you did last time.
Keep a record so you can challenge yourself each time you come to class to improve your performance as well as how you look.

Another good example is push ups (or chatarunga in yoga).
A lot of you have been taking my class for over a year and are still doing push ups on your knees.
This is fine, but if you did at least one on your toes each time, think of how much stronger you would be right now!
Recording your workouts wll help you tremendously to reach your fitness goals.

A diet challenge is coming next.

Stay tuned.....

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