Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From one of my favorites - Dr. Bill

I am a follower of another blogger - Dr. Bill. He is a cardiologist and I love his articles. Here is a great one I wanted to share:

One of the questions I often get is this: "Dr. Bill, if I just cut
back on what I'm eating, will I lose weight?"

Yes, you will. You'll lose some weight and then... you'll more than
likely gain it back. Then the question becomes: "What do I do now?"

We all know deprivation diets don't work. 96% of people using a
deprivation diet fail to lose weight. That's good news for Weight
Watchers, Nutri-System, Jenny Craig and a myriad of other diet

The last time I counted, there were over 40 large scale diet
operations making really serious money. One of the reasons they do
so well is that people believe that if Weight Watchers didn't work,
then Jenny Craig will. Or Nutri System will. Or the next big thing

All these diets focus on one thing, called caloric restriction. From
Day 1, they focus on teaching you to eat less and in many cases, a
lot less. They give you all the foods you like, like cheesecake,
chocolate cake, cookies, you get my drift. Now these are low fat, or
no fat versions of the real thing, usually loaded with some form of

What they calculate is that you have to have this sugar in order to
forget you're only consuming 1200 calories a day for women and 1500
for men. In my humble opinion, these calorie counts are dangerously
low and sooner or later, your body is going to rebel (hence, the 96%
failure rate for such diets).

The failure usually comes with a yo-yo, meaning that you gain the
weight back and then some. What you have done is exacerbate the
problem by following bad diet advice.

What you have to do is change what goes in the old piehole, on a
regular basis. One of my biggest weaknesses was always bread, which
is a food that makes a big difference. I include pizza in the bread
category and I ate a whole lotta pizza, over the years.

I eat pizza maybe once, every six or eight weeks, or so, now and I
order the smallest one I can get. I don't finish off a big pie by
myself anymore, which made me a favorite of a number of delivery
drivers over the years. I still do eat a large amount of food,
though. It just happens to fall under protein, fruits and

Notice what isn't included.

Bread, pastries, desserts, chips, pretzels, soda, fruit juice, rice,
french fries, pasta and any packaged foods. That's the stuff that
makes you fat and there isn't any way around that.

The human body was built to run on protein, fruits and vegetables,
not french fries, donuts and slurpees.

The protein can be meat, poultry, fish, eggs...the body sees it all
the same way. There is no hierarchy of proteins, where chicken
breast is better for you than flank steak and turkey is better than
pork, or lamb. Your body needs a good amount of protein every day
and it doesn't care whether it came from Sammie the Salmon, or
Clarence the Cow.

Along with the protein, you need to eat a rainbow of vegetables and
fruit and the more colors, the better. If this is what you fill up
on, you can eat whenever you're hungry and stop when you're full.
And you will lose weight and keep it off, even when you allow
yourself the occassional treat.

I have a friend of mine doing this right now and he eats twice a
day, lunch and dinner. In the morning, he drinks coffee and he isn't
hungry. That's okay, although personally, I need breakfast. I know
others that eat 3, 4, 5 or 6 times a day. It doesn't really matter,
as long as you eat the good stuff and stop when you're full.

In accounting, they talk about LIFO and FIFO, meaning last in, first
out and first in, first out. When you are eating crud it's called
FINO, meaning first in, never out. It shows up as fat.

When you've been eating crud for a spell, like 99% of us, you need
to make a couple of switches. First, you get on my Powerhouse Omega
Formula, an enteric coated, pharmaceutical grade, concentrated fish
oil from the deep arctic ocean, that will start rehabilitating your

Then, you start to gradually phase out the crud that's been going in
the old piehole.

80% of the weight loss battle is determined by what you put in your
mouth and the other 20% is related to exercise and genetics.

OK, told you it was a good article!
NOW - read that last statement again - 80% of the weight loss battle is determined by what you put in your mouth and the other 20% is related to exercise and genetics.

Nutrition is the most important thing you can do for your body and for your quality of life!!!!!

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