Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taming That Sweet Tooth!

Yummy sweet treats.
I can't get enough. I have a sweet tooth like no other. You can put an entire pizza in front of me and one Hershey's kiss and I'll fight you tooth and nail for that one piece of chocolate!

Now I know all that processed food and sugar is not good for me. Once in a while - I say what the hell, life is too short, and I want those brownies or cookies or ice cream with hot fudge, etc, etc. Some things are just worth the calories.

But here are some of my greatest finds to tame the sweet tooth:

Sunspire chips:
Chocolate chips made with unsweetened cocoa, and it is sweetened with barley and corn.

Coconut Bliss:
An ice cream made with coconut milk and agave syrup, so it is dairy and sugar free.

Grain sweetened chocolate covered raisins and almonds:
Again unsweetened cocoa made with barley and corn.

All seriously delicious! And they can all be found at Whole Foods.

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