Friday, May 14, 2010

Q & A about Juice Plus


What is Juice Plus?
Juice Plus is a supplement that contains 17 different fruits and veggies. They are juiced, powdered and put into capsules. Since it is REAL food it is very different that vitamins. Vitamins are often excreted through urine and a therefore a waste of money. Juice Plus is absorbed into the body 100%. So you are getting all the nutrients from 17 different fruits and veggies. Go to to see how it is made.

Why do I take it?
I take it because a friend recommended it for my tendonitis. She was SO right. The tendonitis in my shoulders is gone! I have been in and out of pain, and in and out of PT offices for over 3 years, and I have NO pain now. NONE. It is great.
Besides, who couldn’t use more fruits and veggies in their diet? I am a pretty healthy eater, but I am all for getting in more plant based foods. We live in a fast paced world that does not leave enough time to prepare decent meals all the time, so I take Juice Plus to help me out. I take my health very seriously.

How do you take it?
I take it in capsule form, 4 capsules a day, 2 fruit, 2 veggie.

How much does it cost?
It costs $42 a month, or about $10 a week. Think of it as adding $10 a week to your grocery bill. Take out pop-tarts, granola bars or your Frosted Flakes and there you have it – an extra $10 a week to buy it. It is VERY inexpensive. Imagine how much it would cost to buy all those fruits and veggies - hundreds of dollars a week.
I think of it as an investment in my health. So many of us invest in our retirement, but hey, we won’t be here for retirement if we do not invest in our health. I say pay for your health now in prevention, or later in doctor’s bills.
It always amazes me the amount of money people spend on their clothes, TV’s, cars, etc, but NOT on their own health.

Is there a long term commitment?
No. Juice Plus sends you a 4 month supply, and you are charged the $41.75 each month for 4 months. If you decide to return it during that 4 months, you can send back the unused portion and cancel your order. Juice Plus asks that you try it for the full 4 months though to give it time to work. This is not an anti-biotic. It will take time to work. I saw results after about 60 days. After 4 months you can order more. You will be asked to fill out a survey and then be eligible for some free product (either their protein shake powder or the Vineyard blend of berries).

How can my kids take it for free?
If you are taking Juice Plus and have a child (or a niece or nephew even) between the ages of 4 and 18, they can also take it for free! You will be asked to keep them on it for a year, and fill out a survey 4 times a year so they can collect data for their Children’s Health Study. It can be so hard to get your kids to eat enough fruits and veggies, and this can certainly help. For kids under the age of 14, it comes in chewables rather than capsules.

Does Juice Plus replace food?
No! The fruits and veggies are juiced then powered, so the fiber content and water is missing. There is very little caloric value. You still need to eat! This can help you bridge the gap of what you are and what you are not eating.

How can I order it?
You can simply email me: , send me your phone # and I then I can call you and place the order.
OR go to and click on the Store button. You can place the order from there.

Is it Kosher?
Yes, it is kosher, wheat free, gluten free, dairy and soy free, and vegetarian.

Why else should I take Juice Plus?
• The National Cancer Institute recommends 7‐13 servings per day of raw fruits and vegetables to help
prevent lung, breast, colon and prostrate cancers by 50% or more.
• The American Heart Society recommends 7‐13 services per day of raw fruits and vegetables to prevent
heart disease and stroke.
• In addition to containing antioxidants, certain fruits and vegetables have been shown to reduce
inflammation, an underlying cause of many diseases.
• The US government has spent billions trying to find cures for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other
Their conclusion: Disease is easier to prevent that it is to cure.
Their recommendation: Eat 7‐13 servings of fresh raw fruits and vegetables every day.
The problem: Almost no one does.

No and here’s why…
• They need to be RAW because enzymes are only found in RAW foods. Enzymes act as catalysts for the
10,000 functions per second that our cells undergo. Cooking destroys enzymes. Meat is cooked, milk
is pasteurized, grains are baked and nuts are roasted. Fruits and vegetables are the only other source
of enzymes, and most of us cook those too.
• VARIETY is important. Each fruit and vegetable has a unique composition of vitamins, minerals,
enzymes, phytonutrients and trace elements. Most people eat only the 3 or 4 fruits and vegetables
they like.
• Produce needs to be VINE RIPENED. Not only does this create the beautiful bright colors of our fruits
and vegetables, it allows the nutrients to develop in the food so our bodies can absorb them.
• Fruits and vegetables need to be FRESH! 75% of the nutrients are lost within 5 days after picking.
Most of the produce in the market was picked weeks ago, before it was ripe, and before the nutrients
had a chance to develop. Then it was allowed to sit on trucks and in warehouses where even more
nutrients were lost.
Juice Plus+ is REAL FOOD. It is composed of 17 raw, chemical and pesticide free fruits, vegetables and grains
which are grown in nutrient dense soil, allowed to ripen on the vine, picked and juiced with 24 hours. It was
developed to fill the gap between what we actually eat and what we truly need for good health. Aren’t you
glad you have Juice Plus+ as part of your healthy lifestyle?

Remember: “If your lifestyle doesn’t control your body, eventually your body will control your lifestyle.”

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