Sunday, May 2, 2010

How can I REALLY get a better body?

OK – here it is, plain and simple:

1. Eat NO processed foods – or very little, save it for things like weddings, your birthday, Christmas, holidays. But on a day to day basis eat NO processed foods. I am still working on this one myself. Your diet makes a FAR bigger difference on what your body looks like than anything else you do. This is #1 when it comes to changing your body. I take Juice Plus, and it helps bridge the gap of what fruits and veggies you are eating, and what you are not eating. ( Remember your body needs at least 5 servings EACH of fruits AND veggies.
2. Work out HARD 3 times a week – and I mean workout to a point where you literally cannot workout anymore (obviously assuming you are cleared for such exercise). Things like walking briskly 3 times a week can certainly help you out, but will not get you a lean toned body. I prefer Kettlebells workouts of course! There will be a beginner’s Kettlebell workshop, Sat May 15th, in Wellesley, 3-5 pm. Email me for details (
3. Keep yourself flexible. Get into some yoga or pilates classes at least 2 times a week. Or get some DVD’s. Flexibility is the first thing to go as we age and leaves us with stiff, achy joints. Keeping yourself pliable like a child is the key to staying youthful. Come to one of my yoga classes, or get involved at one in your gym or the half a dozen yoga studios opening all over the place. Your body will thank you for it.

So - should you go on a diet?

Most diets actually work quite well believe it or not, but what usually ends up happening is one of two things:
1. the diet is too strict to follow, so we give up.
2. once reaching our goal we no longer follow the diet, so our body reverts back to its old habits, and the way it looked.

You need to make a life style and life LONG change to your eating habits (and probably your exercises) in order to sustain success. And don't go cold turkey with your bad eating habits. Make ONE change at a time so you do not get overwhelmed or frustrated.

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