Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Time Can Lead to Weight Gain, lets stop it in its tracks!

How are you guys doing so far this holiday season? I was away for a week at my parents house and they fed me - TOO well! I'm back on track right now, and upping the intensity of my workouts for the next couple of days.
Here are some recommendations for you as you finish out the holiday season:

Drink a TON of water. Aim for a gallon a day.
Add 100 KB swings to all of your workouts from now til New Years Day.
Get some extra rest if you can - go to sleep a half hour to an hour earlier. Proper sleep helps steer away sugar cravings.
Speaking of sugar - give it up NOW and allow yourself to have it only on your NY's Eve festivities.
Give it up again the next day as part of your NY's Resolutions!
Make sure you workouts are a little extra tough the next couple of days.
Stretch your muscles properly at the end of every workout. This will help prevent soreness and soreness can impede your workouts. You want to be able to keep up the intensity right now.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate! Happy New Year Too!

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