Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are Zumba Classes and Barre Classes worth while?

I get asked about these kinds of classes a lot, and I see a lot of myths being posted on Facebook and all over the internet.

First of all - any exercise is better than no exercise. If Zumba classes and Barre classes gets you off your couch - then go for it!!!

I think Zumba is a very effective cardio exercise, burns a ton of calories and can aid in weight loss - without a doubt. Do I think you will get the body of your dreams from just doing Zumba? No. It is not a strengthener, and women - especially as we age - NEED strength training. Zumba will help you lose weight and get smaller, but I will not lift your tush, tone the flappy arms, or get you a six pack of abs. Sorry! But if you are a Zumba lover and add in 2-3 days of solid strength training, I think you're good!

Now Barre classes I think can be great for people looking to mix things up - throwing in this class once a week might be just what you need. If you are new to exercise or have been on an exercise hiatus, then these classes might be perfect for you too. They are a good place to start to build strength. You may seem some changes in your body - for a time. But these classes are pretty much always the same, and never use more than 3 lb weights. You will plateau after 6 mos or so and will need to change your program (as you do with any workout program). Doing tons and tons of reps with light weights is great to feel a burn and great for muscular endurance, but it will not get you stronger nor will it keep toning the muscles.

Here is an excellent article I came across that I wanted to share:

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