Monday, January 14, 2013

Revisiting a workout

There is a workout that I like to revisit each week because it is a workout from hell! Why I choose to torture myself this way - I'm not sure. LOL. Just kidding. I am trying to get stronger, but I'm having a hell of a time getting better at it.
Anyways, here we go:

5 rounds of the following:

Pull-Ups (4-8 reps, as many as I can do)
Heavy double KB swings, either 2 30 lb bells, or 2 35 lb bells, 10 reps
Goblet or Double KB Front Squat, 60-70 lbs, 3-6 reps - again whatever I can do
Dips, 6-8 reps
Pistols - I can only do partial, but I am finally getting better at these! 8 reps each leg
Dive Bombers, 8 reps


A terrific full body workout. :)


  1. Gina, you have one of the most aggressive fitness programs of anyone I've run into. I am curious to know how you got there, and when you began it. Perhaps you have already written about this in an earlier post. Also, do you have other trainers who do these routines along with you?

    1. Hi Bruce! Thanks for the comment.
      Fitness has been a long journet for me. I was never good at sports as a kid, but I loved to be active.
      I was always a jump rope fanatic and once I got into college I started going to the gym with friends.
      After college, I was fixing computers for a living, but never gave up working out.
      After getting laid off numerous times, I decided to make working out my living. So I started trying everything!
      I got into yoga, Kettlebells and Crossfit, and here I am.
      I workout on my own most of the time, not with a trainer. I have had personal trainers in the past along my fitness journey, some good, some bad, and they did help me get where I am today. I hope that answers your question!