Saturday, June 16, 2012


From Dr. Bill. Love this guy!

Over the past couple of weeks, more and more evidence
that artificial sweeteners are toxic has emerged, linking 
them to a host of disease, and debilitating conditions. I've
been writing about the perils of sugar and artificial sweeteners 
for years, and have generated a fair amount of controversy
because of it. 
Let me start by reiterating what I've said previously.
Sugar is a highly addictive killer, with the average Dick 
and Jane consuming 166 pounds per year, and the number is 
not leveling out, or going down. You don't have to look 
very far at all to see the devastating effects of sugar.
The diet food industry has a deep, dark secret that they 
don't want anybody to know. Almost all of their products 
contain a high percentage of sugar. Let me just give you a 
quick example. You go to the gym, you work out, then you 
buy an "energy" drink or two, on the way out. You down the 
first one in the car, quickly, then the next one in the 
next hour. What you've done is to effectively negate  
whatever good you achieved during your workout.
That's just a small example, but they also count on you 
consuming more sugar in other forms. You may have had a 
protein shake before you came to the gym that had sugar in 
it. At lunch, you ditched your hamburger bun, but you used 
a 1/4 cup of ketchup to eat the burger. America's favorite 
ketchup has a lot of sugar in it, which is why it's numero 
You will never be successful at weight or fat loss, until 
you can kick the sugar habit. By that, I mean that you will
never be a 2 per center (those few who lose weight and keep 
it off) and you will remain among the 98 per cent, who keep 
growing and growing and growing...until they become fully 
fledged members of the Lardassian Club. That reminds me of 
an old Groucho Marx line: "I don't care to belong to a club 
that accepts people like me as members."
Here are the names of sugar in its many forms:
Corn syrup...Demarra sugar...Dextrose...Free Flowing Brown 
Sugar...Fructose...Galactose...Glucose...High Fructose Corn 
Syrup...Honey...Invert Sugar...Jaggery...Lactose...Malt...
Maltodextrin...Maltose...Maple Syrup...Molasses...Muscavado 
Sugar...Panela...Panocha...Piloncillo...Powdered Sugar...
Rice Syrup...Sucrose...Treacle...Turbinado sugar...the list 
goes on...
Somewhere in my office, I have a list of 150 names food 
companies use to disguise sugar on labels. I'll have to dig 
that out and put it in a report. These are names the FDA 
allows them to use, just in case you thought the government 
was on your side when it comes to truth in labeling. But 
the ones listed above will give you a fine start.
Now...on to artificial sweeteners. They have a number of 
names...but basically, they boil down to:
Acesulfame K
These can be as detrimental as sugar and in some cases, 
maybe more so.
Some, like Aspartame, are excitotoxins (according to Dr
Russell Blaylock), which cause repeated firing of nerve 
cells, until they die from exhaustion. Others simply 
perpetuate the psychological craving for sweets.
I realize that's a lot of bad news.
The good news is that there is one sweetener that can be 
The FDA tried for over two decades to keep Stevia off the 
shelves. But in the last couple of years their argument 
fell apart and Stevia, and Stevia products, are appearing 
in the marketplace. One terrific one, now readily available 
in the corner supermarket is Truvia, which is made from 
Stevia, but tastes better.
So that's my humble opinion, if there could be such a 
Now, you need to integrate this information into your 
program. And don't worry about slipping up. Just write 
those names for sugar and its substitutes, on a 3 x 5 card 
and carry it around when you shop. It will make a huge 
difference in how you look, and what you weigh.

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