Monday, March 5, 2012

Everything you know about fitness is a lie

I LOVED this article. Yep, it is written in Men's Journal, but the same principles can apply to women as well.
Check it out.

Here is a good strength workout I have been working on lately:

Deadlifts (do one legged or use 2 heavy kettlebells to do a sumo deadlift), I do 6-10 reps depending on the weight
Push presses - 1 arm at a time, go heavy enough that 6 reps is hard
Pull ups - I am actually working on weighted ones, and if I add 10 lbs, I can do about 3 reps
(Or do rows on each side instead)
Farmer Walks - I use 2 45 lbs Kettlebells and walk about 30 yards
25 overhead swings

I do 4 rounds of this, and it takes about 40 minutes. I do not complete it for time - I just try to get stronger than the last time I did the workout.

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