Monday, December 19, 2011

The 10 Best Workout Videos on YouTube

You don't even have to leave your own living room for most of these workouts.
You'll have everything you need here to stay in shape over the holidays. And my blog too of course. :)

Merry Christmas all!


  1. Hi Gina, Do you have an opinion on Hindu Push-ups, Hindu Squats, and Hindu Bridges?

  2. Hi Bruce - by Matt Furey by chance? I think he is GREAT! I will be doing a post this week on bodyweight exercises such as the ones you just mentioned so stay tuned!

  3. Yes, I just discovered Matt Furey. Also, are you familiar with Pavel Tsatouline? I'm going to order his book, The Naked Warrior. I'm looking forward to your post.

  4. Yep Pavel is the man! The Naked Warrior is one tough book.