Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why Those 6 Pack Abs Are So Hard To Get (& A Hurricane Workout)

Wanna 6 pack?

Have you been working on it for what seems like forever?

Well the key is that you have to be lean enough AND have enough muscle mass.
Not a combination that is easy for all of us to maintain.
Sure, genetics have a part to play here, but what you eat and what you choose to do for exercise matters even more.
You have to build enough muscle (yes, you too ladies) in order to get a six pack.
Therefore you have to eat enough to build the muscle as well as eat clean enough to lean out to get the muscles to show.
Some of you may be lean enough, but do not workout with heavy enough weights/KB's/barbells in order to build muscle.
NOTE - building muscles does *NOT* mean bulking up.
They are two different things - PERIOD.
Some of you might have hard enough workouts, but eat too much crap for the muscles to show.
No processed foods if you want six pack abs!

If you are stuck home at home tomorrow because of the hurricane, make use of the time and get in a great workout.
Here is one you can do without any equipment at all and kick your own butt!

Do as many rounds of these in 20 minutes:

5 Pike Presses
10 Burpees
15 Jump Squats
20 V Ups

Enjoy all and be safe!

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