Sunday, May 22, 2011

Women do not want to lift heavier weights in fear of bulking up

This is just silly, and an old fashioned way of thinking. I am tired of hearing it too!

If you think your thighs are getting bigger due to your exercise program, I bet you are misguided. It is more likely that you are eating more of the wrong foods that is making them bigger, not heavier weights.

Need proof? Here it is. Look at the pictures below. The woman on the right looks better doesn't she? Know why? Because she has more muscle! And you know what else? Both of these women are the same size - they wear the same size clothing. Yet one looks much better and healthier - and it is because of her muscle tone. Granted the one on the right is in a flashier picture, but you get the drift.

Stop the antiquated way of thinking and pick up a heavier weight or Kettlebell and build some muscle! You will not build bulk - only a more sculpted body. :)

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