Monday, December 6, 2010

Power Yoga Makes You Powerful!

There are many forms of yoga out there, and I choose to practice Power or Vinyasa Yoga due to the fact it is a rather vigorous and athletic form of yoga.

Performing the Power yoga poses creates internal heat. This heat purifies muscles and organs by expelling unwanted toxins from the body in the form of sweat. Thus, the body is rid of harmful substances making it healthier. The increased body heat also stimulates blood flow to various body parts. As blood carries with it essential nutrients and oxygen, different organs and body systems are replenishing these parts.

Next, just like the body increases its temperature to help fight an infection, the raised temperature helps the immune system and reduces any chance of infection. The heat reduces the chances of injury by helping the muscles loosen up and not straining them. The tendons and ligaments are sufficiently lubricated keeping them flexible. This will help you go deeper into a stretch as well.

Now this is the part most of you would be interested in -
Additionally, the heat stimulates metabolic activity levels and speeds up the process of the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids. This helps to tone your body, giving it shape and definition and also assists the weight loss process.

A lot of people do not know what to expect from a yoga class so they choose not to go. Do something different for yourself - why not!?
Some people think it will be too hard - however, yoga is NOT a competition, so you can take break after break in class. Your ego might not like that, but after a few classes you catch on, and will need less breaks. It is just like learning anything else new.
On the other hand, some people think yoga will not be much of a workout. Power yoga consists of flowing movement, doing postures such as push ups, lunges, ab planks, backbends, and more. How good  are you at push ups? How long can you hold a lunge? How are you at balancing on one leg? Or balancing on your arms for that matter? It is very challenging - and fun!
Lastly, I hear - I'm not flexible enough for yoga. Ummm......that's why you need yoga! To keep yourself limber. Don't limber people just look better? I certainly know they feel better!
And yoga keeps the body able to be physical in other activities as we age.

Now I do not mean to offend anyone when saying this  - but if you are to try a class, and you SHOULD, I would try it at a studio. Not that gym yoga isn't any good, but studios offer longer classes, heated classes, rooms conducive to yoga, go deeper into the breathing benefits, and are geared towards yogis rather than gym goers. It makes a difference. I definitely teach differently at a gym than I do at a studio. Just my two cents.
Most studios offer first time visitors discounts, especially this time of year, so go for it!

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  1. Yes there are lots of myth in people's mind before they go for yoga classes.