Friday, September 10, 2010


How many of us underestimate the strength we get from flexibility?

Having full range of motion in your joints is not only crucial to getting stronger, but it also prevents injury and helps keep you pain free. Being able to move around freely in your daily life is more powerful than we know - until we lose it that is!

Flexibility and aging tend to go hand-in-hand. Show me someone who is stiff and inflexible and I'll show you someone who is aging far faster than necessary.

On the other hand, show me someone whose muscles and joints are loose, pliable, supple and flexible - and I'll show you someone who is defying gravity, someone who's turning back the clock and living a life of high energy and vitality.

When I teach some of my fitness classes I see a lot of people struggle with the flexibility part. Many leave before the final stretch at the end! I can tell you the ones who struggle with it the most are the ones who leave. Why leave because something is hard? That's how you improve your body!

Believe me, I am a yoga lover and there are some poses that make me crazy because I struggle with them so much. But you know what? THOSE are the poses my body needs. So I stick to it.

Think of HOW many professional sports players get injured. If they took the time to build more flexibility this would not happen nearly as much.
For instance, when a ball player gets hit in the arm or shoulder and s/he is tight, then they snap! Just like a twig. BUT, if they are pliable, they bounce back - just like taffy - free from injury.

Think of a gymnast. They are by far some of the strongest athletes in the world, and the most flexible.

Don't underestimate the amount of strength you can get from flexible joints and muscles. It is freeing and youthful.

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